Sun signs: Aquarius

Feature: Fixed

Element: Air

Before the discovery of Uranus, the planet Saturn was considered to govern both Capricorn and Aquarian characters. Uranus is the insurgent of the zodiac that works for revolution or at least reforms. The sign has to do with the future, visions, scientific advances and what we can call the New Age, thus alternative perceptions of how to really live life. Astrology is, for example, a Uranian phenomenon.

Despite this, if we take a closer look at our Aquarian friends, we find that even here are both Saturn and Uranian traits present! For example, Satutn’s demand for law-abiding behaviour and other programs that we have received in us from childhood. This gives rise to unnecessary limitations in our  way ro percieve life.

Aquarius is an air sign, which means that their task is to communicate. In addition, the property is fixed. This means that it can be quite difficult to get Aquarians to change their minds once they have formed an opinion on some particular issue.

You have no doubt heard that mankind is just entering the age of Aquarius, which can actually own its correctness. Lately, scientific advances have been many and, through the #me-too movement, women’s equality has been highlighted in the main stream meddia in such a way that old patriarchal behaviors have been struck by the foot. Equality and justice are the heart issues for Aquarians.

This is the collective sign of the zodiac (as opposed to the lion, which stands for the individual). And Aquarians are happy to socialize in the group of friends or in study circle, as these individuals thrive with the company.

Uranus, which controls the character, is associated with so-called modern inventions such as electricity and electronics-phenomena that have really had a revolutionary impact on our world. The planet is being associated with genius and a small prophetic ability. (The author Jules Verne was born with his Sun in Aquarius eg..)