Astrology is a contentious subject because most of us are brought up (programmed) to be very sceptical about anything that does not seem to be scientifically substantiated

However, the fact is that the astrological observations seem to hold streaks!.

By studying a person's birth chart, you can make very prescisa predictions about how his life will manifest itself and what opportunities you have as an individual to choose your free will to influence the outcome of certain events.

According to our Western astrology, each planet corresponds to a psychological function.

The moon represents our emotional life and our built-in, instinctive responses,

Mercury tells the astrologer how our mindset looks-what we believe and think about the world around us and how we communicate with it.

Venus talks about what we like and is attracted to and Mars talks about how we behave to achieve our goals, etc, etc...

I personally was very surprised by how much of our inherent nature seems to be destined by forces that are obviously beyond our control ability.

However, we have our free will to activate the abilities we carry with us into this life and channel them to the best of understanding. Important to know is that we always have the sole responsibility for our choices in life. We cannot blame others, even if it is temptingly close at hand sometimes!

We all have our roles to play in mortality. If we were born as leading signs (Aries, crayfish, scales and stone goats (so it is expected of us that we will take the initiative to drive development forward – get something to happen!

If we belong to the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), we consolidate and try to perpetuate what has been achieved during the leading phase of our collective development.

When the time has come for the changing characters (twin, maiden, gunner and fish), it is time again to evolve and move the positions further forward. Change and development are on the agenda.

Aktuella planetpositioner

Sun 29° Aries 14' 53"
Moon 01° Scorpio 03' 32"
Mercury 02° Aries 57' 40"
Venus 28° Pisces 42' 08"
Mars 12° Gemini 44' 27"
Jupiter 24° Sagittarius 13' 36" R
Saturn 20° Capricorn 25' 46"
Uranus 02° Taurus 20' 06"
Neptune 17° Pisces 42' 09"
Pluto 23° Capricorn 08' 43"
Chiron 03° Aries 26' 58"
TrueNode 21° Cancer 20' 11" R