Sun signs: Capricorn

Feature: Leading

Element: Earth

The Sun enters the Capricorn sign when we are experiencing the darkest day in the northern hemisphere throughout the year. After entering, we return to brighter times.

Capricorn is the third of the Earth signs and here we are dealing with individuals who have their feet on the earth and engaged in realizable projects. They would like to be in control of all the situations that life put them in and do not act happy until they feel they have this overview.

Capricorn's motto is "I use" (I use) and they are really experts at using all of the use-standing agents to achieve their goals. They are strategic and have a chess player's mind to compute the outcome of their efforts.

Words like ambition, dutiful, responsibility, self-discipline and as I said was; Control is associated with the Capricorn sign.

If, after reading this far, you find that the stone goats seem to be rare boring, I would probably object that their humour, which is often a bit dry but always accurate, is a factor that saves the character from the Tråkighets stamp. (OK, I certainly have my moon in Capricorn and is therefore especially receptive to their kind of humor, but still..)

Often, Capricorn has a long-term plan for what he wants to achieve in life and they are surprisingly often able to fulfill it.