Sun signs: Pisces

Feature: Flexible

Element: Water

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and it is a customizable water sign that is soft and sensitive and uses this feeling when its representatives navigate through life. They are considered romantic, dreamy and inlevelsefulla with a large dose of empathy. They are governed by the planet Neptune, which in Roman mythology is a havsgud.

The fisherman's symbol consists of two fish, connected by a ribbon. One of Firrarna swims Cascade, the other comes with the stream.

The unbelievable receptivity of the fishermen, combined with their sensitivity, make them difficult to find themselves in the sometimes hard treatment of people by life. It has resulted in a eskapistiskt behavior in the sign and the fact is that Pisces tops what we can call the drug league. Thus, they are deaf to alcohol and/or other drugs in order to be able to make their way better in an existence that not these hyperkänsliga individuals would otherwise cope with.

Their instinct is to help with the people and that is why many with strong Neptune and/or much in the fishermen's signs can be found in the health sector.

A fish's first instinct is to rather "swim around" an obstacle than to confront it.

Sometimes they enter into conditions due to a kind of inherent "savior instinct" and try to save the partner from addiction or similar. Since the fishermen have such a strong empathy, these adventures can sometimes end up with a more or less dissolved sense of fish identity.

In this sign there are also many artists and when I hear the word bohemian I associate the fishermen's characters. Many fish improvise life more than happy and are not at all amused by a nine-to-five existence.