Sun signs: Gemini

Feature: Flexible

Element: Air

The twins are a customizable air character and are controlled by the messengers of the Mercury gods. This is the communication sign in front of everyone else. It is a question of the ability to speak with farmers on peasants ' Way and with the scholars in Latin. And it is not at all unlikely that the twin can handle this, because usually they are interested in everything between heaven and earth and therefore they love to participate in various quiz and quiz competitions, for the twin's vanity makes them more than happy to shines with their knowledge.

The advantage of this is that they know little about much but the downside is that they lack depth, because all the energy is to keep track of what is happening in as many different life areas as possible.

The twins are often found in professions such as journalist, author and in the Swedish mail, advertising or travel company O other communications.

In many respects, Scorpio is the opposite of the twin, because the representatives of that sign go very deep into what interests them most. The Zodiac's tray idiot, one could say. They can usually do their subject better than anyone else and know everything about what is worth knowing.