Sun signs: Leo

Feature: Fixed

Element: Fire

The lion's sign is guided by the life-giving and mighty giant of the firmament sun. It also turns out that the individuals born in this sign have characteristics reminiscent of the sun's. Lions in balance are extraordinarily nice to deal with. They spread warmth and joy and become surprisingly fast the average point, for example at parties and in other social contexts.

A lion in imbalance, however, is a completely different show. Then it is more like the sun has gone in the clouds and instead of showing positive lions traits like generosity, generosity and so on, the unbalanced lion is instead arrogant and sarcastic and expresses its displeasure with most things around it.

The lion is the acting character and the Lions often have a vein for the dramatic. If they have not been given an outlet for their acting talents in an organized manner such as theatre, film, Revue, etc., there is a certain risk that they will bring drama into their everyday life instead.

Those born in the sign have generally good intuition, which is related to the fire element, so the same goes for shooters and Aries.

The Lions, like their names in the animal world, are the one who absolutely do not mind to dull in the sun when it is a position for it. On the other hand, there are few who invest so wholeheartedly on their projects as the Lion,,!

Representatives of the sign often have a strong charisma and therefore they will be happy to be in film and theatre context.