Sun signs: Cancer

Feature: Leading

Element: Water

Individuals born in the sign of cancer are the zodiac equivalent of satellite dishes. They are incredibly receptive and feel in life by reading the vibes that the surroundings send to them at different stages of life.

Because they are among the leading signs, crayfish are often very enterprising. This character has to do with the ingestion of food and drink and therefore we find many crayfish among restaurateurs and innkeepers. If these things do not get a professional expression, then cancer is usually a road of cooking and/or wine, beer and other alcohol.

Cancer can be said to be the most private sign and the home of cancer is many times Hens Castle. Since they are navigating their emotions you should be careful not to offend the crayfish. If that happens, they happily pull within their shell and then it can be difficult to gain their confidence back.

Like the other water signs (the Scorpions and Pisces), cancer has a well-developed intuition and makes sense to trust it.