Sam Zodiac

Hey, Seeker..!

If you are like me, you have probably searched for the meaning of life and tried to understand why you are in this body here and now.

In the pursuit of a sentence with our existence, I finally ended up with a serious encounter with astrology though I had tried to avoid it as long as possible. The reason was simply that I had dismissed astrology as a passable path to insight through reasoning in the style of:

-How in H-e would some celestial bodies in millions of miles be able to influence me and my life..?

Due to a particularly stubborn friend (a 14-year-old girl by the name of Cata) so I finally went to the middle of the 1970 century with on getting my horoscope posed by her grandmother, Traude Schneider.

As soon as I heard her name, I realized I had heard it before. or rather; I had read it before. It was so that my dad Kalle and I had given us out in the home town of Säter and entered the Stenquist's bookstore, where we visited their book sale.

Dad popped directly on the politics of the bookshelf and I entered the occult shelf.

There I found an astrological textbook titled "Astrological Portraits" written by a certain Traude Schneider with the assistance of some Gun Årestad.

I drew the (erroneous) conclusion that Traude Schneider was residing in Germany and that Gun Årestad, as her ghostwriter was called, made a reportage trip there to write the book.

To be perfectly honest – my final choice to purchase the book was due to one of the people who were portrayed with their birth chart happened to be born the same day as me – on May 24th. Thus a completely ego-based decision.

Little did I realise that the person in question-a certain Torben Grut, was born, admittedly the same day, but a completely different year-1896, while I was born 1951, which meant that the only thing we had in common was the birthday.

Once again, I read the twin style quickly through the text and was utterly confused. The only thing I basically knew about astrology was that I was born in Gemini sign, but here was talked about Mars in Aries and Gu ' know what..?

I quickly tired of reading all the incomprehensible claims in the book, so it ended up in the bookshelf and gathered dust. However, I remembered the name of the astrologer, or Astropsykologen, as she called herself.

So now the moment had come when I was confronted with a genuine astrologer who had been given a recurrent time, which immediately the cat had booked me on.

Well... I went in to Traude Schneider (who at this time was a very requested astrologer who wrote in the most prominent women's magazines) and had decided not to share with him any information about me as a person beforehand.

I would remain silent like a clam and see what she could get out of the horoscope despite this.

The following 60-90 minutes I sat more or less crippled of amazement and wondered:

-How in H-e can a woman I just met for the first time know all that about me..?! She has just talked to me in type a 5-10 minutes. The rest she concludes by staring at the piece of paper that formed my birth chart..! How did this go to..?!

I was fascinated and found myself again just a week later.

-Aah... you want a new reading of your horoscope? Asked Traude.

-Well.. Not really, I replied. I've actually thought about looking a bit deeper at astrology, I replied.

-Do you aschtrolog aschpekt...? Asked Traude with slight German accent and checked in my horoscope.

-Yes, you have..! She noted and printed out a copy of the horoscope on the printer-and on that route it is...