Sun signs: Scorpio

Feature: Fixed

Element: Water

Scorpio is counted for some strange reason for the water signs (sure, there are aqueous scorpions, but surely it is well the deserted man thinks of..?) and is thus one of the most sensitive creatures of the animal circle along with the other two signs of water-Pisces and cancer.

In Scorpio's case, the waves of passion go high and it is well decided to invest their energy in any project. The motto is: "-Should it va ' pensiero so it should VA ´ otherwise get it va ´!"

The signs of Scorpio have with sex, death and rebirth to do and one can well essentially say that they occur in three different models, depending on the degree of development they achieved.

The lowest-developed Scorpio may be jealous and become utterly infuriateded over any injustice that he thinks he has suffered. In this situation, the object of the wrath of Scorpio may be subjected to retaliatory actions of a destructive nature. (I know a guy who misshagade a girl with Skorpion-ascendant one night and when he came up to his bike he found that the tires had become slashed!)

However, Scorpio is the sign of transformation and the more advanced scorpions usually (especially in the United States) are represented by an eagle instead of a reptile. This is because these more developed individuals have left the reptile perspective that previously prevailed and now sail in the sky with much better overview and completely different views and values.

The third variant of Scorpions has come to a very advanced stage of development and is usually symbolised by a white dove. But now we're talking top division with Jesus, Buddha and others with similar spiritual status.

The Scorpions generally have an all-or-nothing attitude to life and once they have decided for something they go passionately and wholeheartedly in for the task. They are often a little secretive.