Sun signs: Sagittarius

Feature: Flexible

Element: Fire

Sagittarius is a customizable fire sign that is associated with the big questions; -What is the meaning of life..? is well the most classic, but Ö H t everything related to philosophical and existential issues has to do with Sagittarius, as the character is called in Latin/English.

Truth and humour also belong to the attributes of the shooting. As a fire sign, they are equipped with strong intuition. They usually have a rather easy approach to life and generally love to undertake long journeys, whether these happen in the physical world or induced through eg meditation.

Sagittarius is a tolerant character who likes to see the big picture in different contexts, but sometimes it may miss the details. If you want to round out the whole thing, one can come up with the following playful claim (which, however, holds a lot of truth):

Virgo does not see the forest for just trees! While the shooter does not see the trees for just forest!

Sagittarius is happy to involve himself abroad in one form or another. Many of the shooters are also very sporty and many play on the racetrack.

Jupiter is the ruling planet and it is also considered as the turn of the planet in front of everyone else. Jupiter stands for expansion and development but too much of the good does that people with strong gunner/Jupiter in the horoscope can sometimes overestimate their own capacity and take on too much work.