Sun signs: Aries

Feature: LeadingElement: Fire

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is therefore characterized by true pioneering spirit and a unbridled way need to explore things that have not previously been mapped. They are very energetic and will gladly get water over their heads in the sense that they are interested in so much that time is not quite enough.

Aries is enthusiastic and spontaneous and these guys can sometimes speak before they think. Nor are they the most responsive and/or tactful people in the world.

The character has a built-in ability to carry out projects of various kinds and would like to lead them or otherwise be solely responsible, so that they can do everything according to their own head.

Since Mars, which controls the character, is the Roman god of war, one can easily understand that the Rams generally have both competitive instincts and fighting capabilities and are often found within the sports or the military, but many are also successful vendors.

Aries can sometimes appear as somewhat naive and gullible, but it is rare that Aries is deliberately nasty. Usually, however, they can be reckless and dictatoric, so some individuals in this character can be experienced as bossy.