Sun signs: Libra

Feature: Leading

Element: Air

All the zodiac signs represent either animals or humans (in the shooting case a combination of both), all but one-wave..!

The character of the wave symbolized by a tingest instead of a living being has puzzled me for many years, but I think I have come up with the Riddler's solution!

The sign stands for relationships and it is in only those contexts that the wave comes to its full right! We are talking about a leading sign in the air elements. Air stands for communication and it is the wave's home course, especially when it comes to communication between two people.

The wave simply needs another person to speak to and use as a sounding board for his thoughts and ideas.  If such a partner is missing, the scale cannot work with full potential!

The "sounding board" does not always have to be a partner (although it is the most common combination), but may as well be the best friend, mother, brother or dad etc., etc…

The diplomatic orientation of the wave can also be used in groups where a conflict threatens. Libra has total overview and takes nobody's party, but sees clearly why Contracting Parties thinks as they do. From that point of departure, the ventures are usually able to act as peacemakers with great success.

Libra is Esteten, the beauty lover of the zodiac who happily surrounds himself with beautiful things and works of art.