Sun signs: Virgo

Feature: Flexible

Element: Earth

The one who is born in the Maiden's sign is a helpful and service minded person who has some perfectionist traits. This is said to be the perfect secretarial sign that Virgo can, with astonishing simplicity, categorize data, archive them and pick them up at exactly the right time. Moreover, they are highly analytical in their orientation. This for better or worse, because Virgo's a s forgetting to turn off the analysis function between the laps. The consequence of this is that Virgo constantly lets a revue of future scenarios be passed through its luminaire head and worries about what might happen if,,,

In the best case, this brood results in gastritis, in the worst case peptic ulcers or any other severe imbalance on the bodily plane.

So, in other words-Virgo should learn to chill more and to stop the tide of worrying thoughts and instead focus on a more mindfulness-focused existence. Since Virgo is also the health sign of the zodiac, he should understand that bodily health is intimately connected with the mental.

Virgo usually has no inherent desire to expose herself, but actually prefer to stay behind the scene. An exception to this rule was Greta Gustafsson, later Garbo, who was a virgin. But on the other hand, she withdrew from the public light quite early in her life.